Valdosta encourages residents to use new Click 'N' Fix app

Valdosta encourages residents to use new Click 'N' Fix app
Valdosta encourages residents to use new Click 'N' Fix app
Posted at 3:36 AM, Jan 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-08 22:42:43-05

VALDOSTA, Ga. (WALB) - If you live in Valdosta, the city wants you to know about an easy way to reports things that need attention.

Ri'Shawn Bassette spoke with city leaders about the new Click 'N Fix app, and shows us how it works

Staying up to date and doing your part within your local government has never been so easy.

The City of Valdosta encourages you to chime in and be a part of maintaining city standards by using their Click 'N Fix app.

Ashlyn Becton, Valdosta spokesperson, said: "So, the Valdosta Click 'N Fix app is a citizen's engagement platform that we have. We put it in the form of an app, just because times are changing. Everyone's got their phone in their hand, it seems like—so it's just an easy, accessible way to get in touch with a city employee without maybe having to pick up the phone or sending an email."

Using the Click 'N Fix app is super simple. All you have to do is identify your problem such as a pothole, a light outage, or even a missed yard trash pick-up. Make a mental note of the location and take a picture.

And city reps say that it's just that easy to do some good for your city.

"Just making sure that you're a good neighbor," Becton said. "If you see something, take a picture of it, report the concern. Don't just let it sit there. We might not know about it. The city is pretty big. So, we just want to make sure that everyone is look out for everyone else. This is a great way of doing that."

And just so you know your concern has been received, a city worker will respond to your opened service request.

"It goes straight to a city employee," Becton said. "They will engage in dialogue with you and tell you how long it will take to fix the concern. Ultimately, the goal is to close it."

This option for open dialog between residents and the city came in handy for reporting issues of safety during Hurricane Michael.

"Such as trees down, powerlines down — things like that citizens could report," Becton said. "It was a just quick and easy way for people to do it without maybe having to put themselves in danger."

But service requests are not the only thing the app is good for. You can log on to pay a bill owed to the city or even turn on your notifications and wait to hear from them.

"Notices are kind of a big thing the app is pushing out now," Becton said. "Being able to send out that push alert to a resident that maybe they won't see if they don't have Facebook or if they don't get on our website. They'll be able to see it on the app."