UPDATE: Bainbridge Bus Designed by Local Businesses

Posted at 4:46 PM, May 15, 2017

BAINBRIDGE, Ga. (WTXL) - A program in Bainbridge focused on building bonds between local children and police now has a new way to reach more in the community.

Two weeks ago, we told you about a shuttle bus donation for the "Kids 'n' Kops" program with Bainbridge Public Safety. Now, it's fully designed, thanks to help from local businesses.

The wheels on this bus will soon go round and round, all through Bainbridge. The "Kids 'n' Kops" program is ready to roll with this new shuttle.

"We've done a lot of activities where we've had to organize transportation to get the kids back and forth to the events," said Sgt. David Cutchin, a coordinator for the program. "This will eliminate all of the transportation issues that we've had."

Bainbridge Public Safety started the program three years ago, encouraging children to stay out of trouble and to get to know local officers.

"We'll bring them to our fishing trips and our movie nights. We'll just be able to go around, pick them up and bring them to it," said Cutchin. "We don't have to depend on the parents now to get them there."

From the painting to the details to the bus itself, all of it was donated by local businesses. They say helping these children now will pay off in the future.

"You start them young, maybe you're actually doing something preventative in the future," said Danny Harris, who works at NAPA Auto Parts. "I mean, it's our kids. We got to take care of them."

"I thought it was just a worthwhile cause for the kids and giving back to the community," said Mark Mitchell, the owner of Precision Auto Services. "They do a lot for us. It's always good to give back."

"Kids 'n' Kops" serves about 30 children for each event it organizes. The bus was donated by the Decatur County School Board as a surplus from its fleet.