Undercover police nearly handed Wendy's bag of cocaine

Florida Man Faces Life for Selling Cocaine Found at Sea
Posted at 12:14 PM, Feb 22, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-22 08:45:33-05

CAIRO, Ga.-- Police in Cairo, Georgia, say they interrupted a drug buy in progress while driving an unmarked vehicle -- and the suspect almost handed the product over to officers himself.

The incident happened on February 19. Two investigators were traveling north on Upper Hawthorne Trail -- just between U.S. Highway 84 and Glenn Drive.

The investigators noticed another vehicle, a silver Nissan, nearly stop as it approached the unmarked car,  turn around and begin  driving towards it.  The investigators stopped their car because they didn't know why the driver of the Nissan turned around towards them.

Investigators say that one of the men got out with a white bag and walked toward the police car. The investigators soon realized that the suspects didn't know they were law enforcement, and that the man walking toward them may be attempting to deliver drugs.

When the man got to the door, one investigator got out, asked him what was in the bag, and said he was a police officer.

In the process, police say the man attempted to get back in the car and dropped the bag, but police stopped him and searched him.

Police discovered the suspect was 35-year-old Edward Latroypayn Morris, and the bag from a Wendy's restaurant, which he was reportedly carrying, held 1111 grams of a substance identified as cocaine.

The investigators confiscated the suspected cocaine. They also found an overnight bag with cell phones, a new purse, a change of clothes, and toiletries; investigators confiscated the cellphones.

Morris was taken to the Grady County Detention Center and charged with  trafficking cocaine.