Two Tallahassee men arrested for crack possession after traffic stop

Two Tallahassee men arrested for crack possession after traffic stop
Posted at 2:35 PM, Jun 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-06 11:46:38-04

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) - A traffic stop on a stolen car in Tallahassee led to police to arrest two men for possession of crack cocaine.

According to a court document, a patrolling Tallahassee Police officer spotted a black Nissan sedan that had been reported stolen parked in front of 1506 Russell Street.

Right after the officer had spotted the car, it began moving and he got behind it, following it to the intersection of Eugenia and Perry streets where the officer initiated a traffic stop.

The document said that the car continued to drive at the speed limit on Pinellas Street until it got to the Wailes Street intersection. The car then accelerated at a high speed and turned east onto Wailes Street, running away from the officer.

TPD said the car turned south onto Perry then tried to turn east onto Gamble, but crashed.

The document said that An'Fernee Washington, Dejaris Robinson, and another man then jumped out of the car and started running east along Gamble Street.

The officer hopped out his patrol car and ran after Washington, giving him a verbal warning before tasing him in the back.

Meanwhile another TPD officer, who had responded to the alert that the car was stolen, chased after Robinson. 

As the chase continued, Robinson seemed to lose his balance and fell to the ground. The officer then tased him and placed him under arrest.

The document says that both men had crack cocaine on their person.

Washington told police that he had "rented" the car from an unidentified woman about one hour before the traffic stop, though he was unable to give a description of the woman, where he got the car, or for how much.

When asked about the cocaine, Washington told them that he had an addiction problem and that it was for personal use. 

Unlike Washington, Robinson's crack cocaine was found inside a small medicine bottle in his pocket. Due to this, officers believe that Robinson had intent to sell the drug.

Washington was charged for grand theft of a motor vehicle, possession of cocaine, and resisting/fleeing an officer. Robinson was charged for cocaine possession with intent to sell and resisting an officer.

Robinson is in jail on a $11,250 bond, while Washington is in jail on a $15,250 bond.