Two arrested for grand theft auto in Tallahassee, one suspect still at large

Two arrested for grand theft auto in Tallahassee, one suspect still at large
Posted at 3:26 PM, May 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-17 11:29:49-04

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) - Two men have been arrested in Tallahassee for stealing multiple cars.

According to a probable cause document, Alvan Kelly and Tedrick Davis were arrested on Tuesday morning.

The document said that a Tallahassee Police officer responded to a report of a stolen car in the area of Capital Circle SW and West Tennessee Street. Apparently, the nephew of the victim had recognized the blue 2013 Mazada 3 as it backed into a parking space at the McDonalds on 5052 West Tennessee Street.

When the officer arrived, he saw a group of black men standing inside the McDonalds. As the officer made his way into the restaurant, one of the men, said to be in a blue sports jersey with the number 11 on the back, separated from the group and tried to leave.

According to the document, the officer asked him to come back inside. When the officer got closer, the man ran across West Tennessee Street.

The other men, Kelly and Davis, ran to the men's bathroom inside the McDonalds, where they were found and questioned. Both told police that they knew nothing about a stolen car when asked.

Police noted in the probable cause document that Davis' pockets were so full, they were bulging out. When they searched him, they found two Samsung cell phones, and Apple iPhone, a gold Geneva watch, and a set of keys belonging to a Mazda.

While the men were being handcuffed and put into police cars, the McDonalds manager found a second set of Mazda keys where the three men were sitting. Officers discovered that the newly discovered set opened the stolen car in the restaurant's parking lot.

The document said that when Kelly and Davis were interviewed, they said that they were only passengers in the stolen car and that the man that had ran away was the one who had stolen it.

Davis also told police that the first set of keys they found belonged to another stolen Mazada sedan, which he told them was parked on Meridian Road.

According to the document, police searched the Mazda at McDonalds and found that there were several items in there that did not belong to the owner. They also found a wallet from a car that had broken into on East Park Avenue.

When interviewed at the police station, Davis admitted that he had been with "Mr. Barber" and Kelly when the cars were stolen and said that all of them had committed several car burglaries where they stole change, cell phones, and other small items.

Kelly admitted that he was also with Kelly and "Mr. Barber" but claimed he was only riding in the car while they broke into cars. He told police that he didn't steal anything but knew the other men were "up to no good," according to a probable cause document.

Officers found $204 on Kelly at the time of his arrest. 

Kelly and Davis were charged with two counts of grand theft auto as well as three counts of unarmed burglary. Both are in the Leon County Jail on a $25,000.

"Mr. Barber" was not found but officers say that they are continuing to investigate.