TPD Speaks Out About New York Times Allegations

Posted at 11:17 PM, Oct 13, 2014
and last updated 2014-10-14 08:20:19-04

TALLAHASSEE, FLA. (WTXL) - The Tallahassee Police department is responding to a New York Times article that criticizes them for being too easy on Florida State football players.

Through email, TPD says it provided the New York times with copies of each incident report that was listed within the article, but according to police some major details were left out.

Officer David Northway says, "In many of the cases that are being cited, there is much information that is not being put into the article, I understand there is time and space constraints. Several of the allegations were that we were treating football players with gloves trying not to arrest them, when in fact we've made many arrests throughout the years and this year specifically."

Tallahassee Police say they make arrests when the law allows them to.

Sampling of FSU Player Arrested 2006-2014:

  • Ahmad “A.J.” Nicholson Arrest Date: 05/21/06 Charges: Burglary of a Dwelling, Grand Theft & Criminal Mischief Level: Felony
  • Frederick Rouse Arrest Date: 05/21/06 Charges: Burglary of a Dwelling, Grand Theft & Criminal Mischief Level: Felony

* Stolen: Approximately $1700 worth of property

  • Preston Parker: Arrest Date: 11/5/06 & 01/31/09 Charges: Driving Under the Influence & Petit Theft Level: Misdemeanor

* Petit Theft was at Best Buy for attempting to steal DVD’s.

  • Eugene Hayes: Arrest Date: 09/21/07 Charges: Assault on LEO Level: Misdemeanor

* Would not leave Potbelly’s Bar and was arrested after threatening an officer.

  • Mister Alexander: Arrest Date: 08/09/09 Charge: Driving with No Valid Driver’s License Level: Misdemeanor
  • Nigel Carr: Arrest Date: 4/25/10 Charges: Fraudulent Use of a Credit Card Level: Felony

* Used victims American Express Card at multiple locations

  • Greg Reid Arrest Date: 09/26/11 Charges: Resisting an Officer/Perjury Level: Misdemeanor

* Stealing a motor scooter and tried to lie about it to protect his friend.

  • Gregory Dent Arrest Date: 06/09/13 Charges: Sexual Assault Level: Felony
  • Ira Denson: Arrest Date: 12/22/13 Charges: Accessory to Murder Level: Felony

* Was the front seat passenger of car during a shooting over a pair of sneakers. Investigation revealed Denson knew the shooter had a firearm and drove the shooter to the crime scene. He never contacted the police after fleeing the scene and admitted to driving the shooter to Madison, FL.

* Stolen: Approximately $1700 worth of property