Toughest Summer Jobs 2017: And the Winner is...

Toughest Summer Jobs 2017
Toughest Summer Jobs 2017
Posted at 6:32 PM, Jul 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-27 05:50:37-04

TALLAHASSEE, FL (WTXL) -- Another humid and sultry summer, with WTXL on the mission find the dirtiest, hottest, and toughest summer job.

First, we took care of a few lawns. Then it was the boys of summer umpiring at a little league baseball game. We got our food on, cooking up tasty barbecue in oven like settings. Finally, we got down and dirty, literally, installing a brand new septic tank.

Each of the workers all claimed to have the Toughest Summer Job, but only one can win.

You at home cast the final vote. The polls have closed, the votes tallied, and now, the job you voted for as the toughest is...Smokin' Lo's Barbecue!

"I feel honored, but this award is not just for me," says Lorenzo Sampson, the BBQ Extraordinaire at Smokin' Lo's BBQ. "I speak for all my barbecue vendors that do this type of work that I do. We all win. It's a tough job to maintain and cook on the grills week in and week out."

Even though Sampson is humble about the win, he does recognize that his job is difficult.

"The everyday maintenance of working and doing BBQ each and every week. The preparation of it and being able to manage," continues Sampson.