Top 10 Products that Scream "USA!"

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Posted at 3:15 PM, Jul 03, 2015
and last updated 2015-07-03 14:39:11-04

In honor of Independence Day, we wanted to help you find some red, white, and blue to liven up your celebration. These products will leave you wanting to meet the super 'Merica people who bought them.

1. The 4th isn't one of the many gift-giving holidays, but the good people who buy the "Patriotic Stars Room Roll" are not only using the holiday as an excuse to buy this glorified gift wrap, but they've decided to use it to give America the gift of their living room walls.

2. When you're done gift-wrapping your living room walls, your yard definitely needs a giant inflatable Uncle Sam. If you're worried about spending almost $200 for this 12 ft symbol of United States propaganda, the ad says Sammy is, "...great for Flag Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Presidents Day, and more."

3. If that is still out of your price range, that's okay because here is a red, white and blue rocket that is sure to make a big blast on a small budget. Now if only we could find one with Uncle Sam riding the rocket... Oh wait, we did (watch the video to find out what we are talking about).

4. For the collectors out there, the Internet has you covered too. We're calling these gnomes Mr. and Mrs. America because "Holiday 4th Of July Patriotic Star American Flag Yard Art Lawn Gnome Decor Set" is just too much of a mouthful. We would also like to let Mr. America know that the next time he is going to hold his hand over his heart to recite the Pledge, he should probably take his hat off his head. Just sayin'...

5. This dress is not only perfect for your pre-firework BBQ with grandma, it can also double as a sexy-American flag costume this Halloween.

6. Want some extra stripes? If you put one of the outfits featured here on your cat, your arms are sure to be covered in little red lines.

7. Still not done with your outfit? This hat is a steal at $5 and nothing says "I love America" like something shiny.

8. We looked all over the website for the dimensions for the "Patriotic Inflatable Buffet Cooler" because once the ice has melted, this would make an awesome pool float.

9. And once the holiday is over, you can always keep the spirit of Independence Day in your home with a leather American Flag chair. We are not sure why this chair is shaped like a triangle though. It's got to be so it's easier to hide in the corner of your extra bedroom in hopes that no one calls you out on your online shopping addiction.

10. This chair though would be a little harder to hide.

Happy Independence Day and happy shopping.