Toledo mother claims birth control injection killed daughter

Toledo mother claims birth control injection killed daughter
Posted at 2:40 PM, Jul 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-27 14:40:00-04

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A Toledo mother claims her daughter died from Dep Provera, a birth control inject prescribed by her doctor.

Rochelle Russell says she lives every day with the pain of watching her 21-year-old daughter Breanna die with no idea what was happening to her.

“I should have possibly researched it more," Russell said. However, she also claims doctors and clinics never laid out the potentially serious side effects.

Russell says her daughter died from severe cranial pressure and brain bleeds, something she says was caused by Depo Provera, a shot given every three months for birth control.

"She started Depo Provera at the age of 14, and she took it consistently until she was 19," Russell said.

The FDA warning for Depo Provera states it should not be taken for more than two years, but Rochelle says doctors continued to prescribe the injection for five years with no warning given of side effects other than weight gain.

Breanna started having severe headaches after starting the shots. One night, she had one that was very severe.

"She was mumbling something," Russell recalled. "I just thought she was sick had a virus, and I took her in the room and told her to go to sleep. Baby's dad got home and saw her and said call 911."

A list of side effects on the FDA website include blood clots, strokes and seizures.

Russell joined a class action lawsuit with other parents who claim Depo Provera resulted in serious health problems or death. She says parents and every woman needs to look more closely at side effects to any birth control.

"You need to do your own research behind any drug your doctor prescribes you,” Russell warned. “You must do your own research. "

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