Teen Talk: Teens and Annoying Parents

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Posted at 8:15 AM, Jan 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-04 11:47:16-04

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) -- Conflict and criticism is part of the playing field when it comes to raising teenagers.  

Many teens complain about their parents being annoying. while to mom and dad, they're only acting out of concern. So what's

Family therapist Jane Marks put together a list of what most teens complain about to help get everyone seeing eye to eye.

Here are the top 20 things about parents that annoy teens:

1. Teens in general are embarrassed when parents share personal stories that they have told in confidence.  By contrast, they don't like when you brag about them in public either.

2. Teens hate to be compared to siblings.  This most always is a lose, lose.

3. Teens complain when you expect them to always get it wrong.

4. Teens sometimes hate it when they have parents who are trying to stay young and cool and hip.  For a lot of teens this is just too embarrassing.  Teens don't like for you to dress like them.  It makes them feel embarrassed.

5. Teens don't like it when their parents express a "know it all" attitude and constantly give unsolicited advice, not just to them but their friends as well.

6. The TMI parents, parents who just share too much information, overshare what's going on health wise or private conversations.  Parents, that's a no, no.

7. Teens hate it when parents take things personally.  They over-react and either, A, blame themselves for mistakes that the teen has made or, B, blame their teen's friends or someone else for their teen's inappropriate behavior.  

8. Teens hate it when you bad mouth their friends particularly when you haven't met them.  Life is stressful enough and there are in the process of sorting out relationships and even if your teen has a since that their friends are not as compliant or dutiful as they are, they just cringe at the fact when parents talk about their friends.

9. Teens hate it when you don't take their side.  So it's important from time to time, no matter what's going on, that you take their side.  There are some parents who always believe the authorities are A, number one in whatever situation has occurred.

10. Helicopter parents who over function and overprotect are annoying to teens.

11. Teens hate it when you don't notice the great things that they have done.  Because parents are in the business of constantly coaching and training, there are often times a lot of correction or over-correction and that sometimes breeds resentment on the part of teens.  Be mindful of praise.

12. Teens hate it when they feel like parents don't respect them.  It is a concept that touches both parents and teens.  Let's try and get away from mutual disrespect.

13.  Teens hate it when parents think they are always right, when there is no wiggle room for allowing a judgement or at least some observation on the part of the teen.

14.  Teens get embarrassed when their parents are on Facebook and they over intrude in some fashion, or overlike.  They feel like it's kind of weird.

15. Teens hate it when they are never allowed to explain themselves.  Parents tend to shoot straight to the solution without any wiggle room for communication.

16. Teens hate it when parents are complainers. And while parents are trying to do a good job of teaching, what ultimately ends up happening is that it sounds like complaining.

17. Teens hate when you belittle their beliefs.  Parents often say, "You know, I raised you, I brought you into this world, I can take you out"; while that may have been an old school kind of saying that we probably need to retire.

18. Teens hate the term, "because I said so".  They think that it is overly used and makes no sense in today's world.

19. Parents, teens hate it when you tell them to be honest, and you are, and then they find out that you participated in some risky something, and they really get mad.

20. Finally on a positive note, it's nice parents to sometimes say, "you know what teenager, you were right and I was dead wrong".   Teens love it when on occasion when they feel they are justified in a particular argument.