Tazer Use and Training for Police Officers

Tazer training
Posted at 11:09 PM, Oct 06, 2014
and last updated 2015-01-26 09:16:01-05

THOMASVILLE, GA. (WTXL) -   With a Tallahassee Police officer under investigation for reportedly tazing a 62-year-old women, many are wondering whether the use of the tazer was appropriate.

Tazers allow officers to subdue a suspect using electricity rather than resorting to blunt or deadly force. Many officers see it as a way of controlling people without injuring themselves or the suspect.

We spoke with major Harris at the Thomasville police department and he tells us that Thomasville Police officers must be certified before they can carry a tazer. Certification includes an 8 hour class and actually experiencing being tazed.

Thomasville police also have a Use of Force Simulator which trains officers on when to choose lethal or non-lethal measures. Major Harris says this style of training helps cut down on use of excessive force by officers.

Tazers are one of three non-lethal weapons that Thomasville police typically carry. The others include mace and a police baton.

Tallahassee Police categorize tazers as a less then lethal weapon. TPD also carry flashlights, mace, k-9 unites, and police batons.