Tallahassee woman arrested after hitting, biting 6-year-old son

Tallahassee woman arrested after hitting, biting 6-year-old son
Posted at 12:02 PM, Aug 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-18 12:02:00-04

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) -  A Tallahassee woman has been arrested after being accused of hitting and biting her 6-year-old son. 

Laquita Mitchell, 27, was arrested by the Tallahassee Police Department on Friday. 

On Friday, at about 7:00 a.m., officers were called to Mabry Street after the victim's dad saw Mitchell beating their 6-year-old son.  

When officers arrived on scene, they saw the victim's dad and Mitchell arguing in the parking lot. 

Officers made contact with the victim's dad first, who stated he and Mitchell have a custody agreement, giving him 75 percent custody and her 25 percent custody. 

The police report states, he invited Mitchell to spend the night with their kids on Thursday.  

He told officers on Friday morning, when he and Mitchell dropped off the victim at daycare, the victim became belligerent.  

He said he was willing to leave the victim at the daycare, but Mitchell did not agree and that's when the physical altercation took place. 

The victim's dad stated while driving back home, he saw Mitchell hit the victim. 

He stated Mitchell was sitting next to the victim in the backseat and was holding him down, repeatedly hitting the victim in the face and body. 

According to the police report, the victim's dad felt Mitchell was taking the matter too far and called police for help. 

In the presence of his dad, officers spoke to the victim, who was upset and crying. 

When officers asked the victim if he was injured, he pulled up his shirt sleeve to show officers a fresh bite mark on his arm. 

The victim told officers that Mitchell bit him and hit him with her shoe.  

The police report states, the victim had minor swelling and redness to his arm but did not require immediate medical attention. 

When officers talked with Mitchell, she admitted to hitting the victim with her shoe, but said she did not intentionally target his face or head in attempts to discipline him.  

Mitchell denied biting the victim but could not explain how that injury happened.  

Based on the evidence, Mitchell is being charged with abusing a child without great bodily harm.  

She was taken to the Leon County Detention Facility and her bond has been set at $5,000. 

The victim remained in the care and custody of his dad.