Tallahassee Police Earn Accreditation For Property and Evidence Unit

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Posted at 8:19 PM, Oct 20, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-20 17:25:55-04
TALLAHASSEE, FL (WTXL) -- Tallahassee Police Department's Property and Evidence Unit is the first in the state to earn accreditation.
Tuesday, the department announced its accreditation by the International Association for Property and Evidence.
TPD currently holds more than 92,000 pieces of evidence, dating bacl to the 1950's.  "We have always strived to do the best that we can do, but you can always do better. So, we want to be the best of the best. We want to be an example for other agencies, you know, whether in the state of Florida or throughout the country. And, you know, the only way to do that is to constantly push yourself to be better," said Sam Winton, TPD Property and Evidence Unit
The unit will have to go through a review in three years to renew its accreditation.