Tallahassee Man Arrested for Kidnapping a Mother and her Children

Adrian Tremayne Webb
Posted at 10:05 AM, Apr 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-04 10:05:00-04

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) - Police have arrested a Tallahassee man accused of beating a victim in front her kids, breaking her arm, and kidnapping the victim and her two kids. 

The Tallahassee Police Department arrested Adrian Tremayne Webb, 29, on April 1.

According to a probable document, around 10:30 p.m the same day, police were called to Woodspring Suites on West Tennessee Street about a domestic battery. The person who was reporting it was the front desk clerk.

The clerk told police that a female victim was crying and claiming her arm was broken by Adrian Webb. Police said that the victim also told the clerk that she was being held captive against her will.

Just before police were called to the hotel, another officer had been dispatched to Lipona Street about the same suspect. The caller was the victim's mother.

The probable cause document said that the victim's mother had called the police and told them that her daughter may have been beaten and kidnapped.

When police searched the hotel room the clerk said the victim and Webb were staying in, they found that it was empty but that the door jam was broken and on the floor. 

Officers were told that the victim may have arrived in a Cream Buick Enclave. After a search for the car, they found it behind the hotel in a parking lot, however, the car was empty. 

The probable cause document said that police went back to the front desk clerk to ask some more questions. 

The clerk told them that he was working the front desk when he saw Webb, the victim, and two children come into the lobby. The clerk said that Webb had been staying at the hotel for about two weeks. The clerk told police that Webb walked in and asked him for a spare room key because he lost his.

While the clerk was helping Webb, he noticed that the victim looked to be in distress and was holding her left arm as if she was injured. 

At some point, the victim got a phone call and stepped outside. The clerk told police that Webb followed the victim to go get her. The clerk said that Webb walked the victim back into the lobby with his arms on her shoulders, the clerk noting that the victim seemed very upset.

Webb then put his arm over her shoulder and around her neck before taking the phone from her. The clerk said that Webb stepped outside while talking to the person over the phone very aggressively.

While he was outside, the victim told the clerk that she had been taken captive against her will from her home and needed help. The clerk said that the victim asked him to call 911 for her.

Police say surveillance video showed that when Webb returned, they all went up to their hotel room. The video also matched the clerk's account.

While police were interviewing the clerk, an officer noticed Webb walk out of the rear door. Not too long after, another man, later identified as the stepdad to the victim, was seen chasing after Webb.

The probable cause document said that when the victim's stepdad caught up to Webb, he started fighting him.

Officers went to break up the fight, but said Webb was not complying with commands to get on the ground. Eventually they forced him to the ground and arrested him.

When police interviewed the victim, she told them that when she had arrived home from a birthday party, she saw Webb in the driveway. She told police that Webb spit in her face and an argument started.

At some point, she went in the house with her children and locked the door behind her. She told police that Webb kicked in the door and began punching her and pushing her. Webb pushed her over the couch and landed on top of her.

The victim told police that Webb continued to beat her as her children screamed for him to stop. When she tried to stand up, she told police that she could feel that her left arm was badly injured. 

The probable cause document said that the victim told police that Webb then forced her and her children to get in the car with them, and they drove to the hotel. The victim said that she tried to call her mother several times, but each time Webb took the phone from her. 

When they arrived at the hotel, the victim was eventually able to get help from the front desk clerk. 

Webb has been charged with one count of burglary with a person assaulted, and three counts of kidnapping. He was transported to the Leon County Jail.