Tallahassee Couple Graduates, Welcomes Baby Hours Later

Prophete Family
Posted at 5:23 PM, Jun 11, 2015
and last updated 2015-06-12 05:27:43-04

TALLAHASSEE, FL (#WTXLDigital) -- Graduation is a special day for people wrapping up their education and moving on to the next chapter of their lives, but for one Tallahassee couple, graduation day was even more special, thanks to something neither one of them saw coming.

"All that was in my mind was graduation and the party we were doing for us and stuff," Rose Prophete said.

She and her husband Stanley knew May 2 would be a big day for both of them. Rose was getting her MBA in Healthcare Management from Saint Leo University. Stanley was earning his Doctorate of Pharmacy from FAMU.

Rose was also pregnant with their second child. The due date wasn't until the 13th, which gave them some breathing room.

"I'm gonna take a week off. I can just, you know, relax and take a break. And then, boom!" Stanley said.

They threw a party later that day to celebrate, but just minutes after it was over...

"I thought I was going to bed to lay down," Rose said. "I started feeling some cramps. I didn't know what it was. I've had a baby before, but nothing told me it was labor."

They rushed to the hospital around midnight, and just three hours later, little Ansley was born.

"Even the nurse and the doctor at the hospital, they were joking about it. They're like, 'Wow, two things at once? That's cool, man!'" Rose said.

The birth clearly surprised both of them, since they were focused on getting their degrees. For Stanley, his years of studying in Haiti didn't carry over when he came to the U.S. over a decade ago.

"I had to start over again, so it was a long journey," Stanley said. "When I got finally to that day, man, I was delivered. I was very happy."

"Being pregnant, it's a lot going on. Plus, I had [my first daughter Saanley] to take care of and [my husband Stanley] to take care of. It was a lot of work," Rose said.

Rose and Stanley say baby Ansley's birth wasn't expected that day, but came at the right time.

"She waited for the both of us and then she comes," Rose said. "Imagine if she had like come before. Then, it would've messed up everything!"

"She brought joy again to our lives, so her middle name is Joy," she continued. "From the time that I gave birth, I've been laughing, like, 'Wow. This just happened. Graduating and then the baby?' Even the doctor was like, 'Whoa. We didn't know she was coming this early!'"

Since graduation, Stanley has been working at a local pharmacy, while Rose is a stay-at-home mom but hopes to find a job soon to help support their newest addition.