Tallahassee Classical School: Proposed Charter School Hopes to Focus on Literacy, Language

Posted at 6:04 PM, Jan 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-25 14:03:15-05

TALLAHASSEE, FL (WTXL) -- In recent years it seems that more and more emphasis is being placed on the STEM fields in schools, but a new proposed charter school could reverse that trend in Leon county.

Science, technology, engineering and math make up the STEM field disciplines, and it's something that has seen a lot of growth and interest in the past several years.

"You have seen a real increase in the number of STEM programming," says Anthony Jones, the Dean of Science and Mathematics at Tallahassee Community College. "Here at the college, we support the STEM programming by actually having a STEM center."

There are many benefits surrounding STEM based learning, but the co-founders of Tallahassee Classical School say there are just as many positive outcomes from studying a classical curriculum.

"We love how the children are able to grasp a lot more information and are able to rise to the challenge when they are challenged and when there are high expectations," explains Jana Sayler, the co-founder and board chair of Tallahassee Classical School.

The literacy skills taught to students at a young age serve as the foundation for critical thinking which will later help them lead Socratic seminars when they reach the high school levels.

"Instead of having a teacher stand and deliver in high school, students are grappling with texts and primary resources," says Adrienne Campbell, the co-founder of Tallahassee Classical School. "They are speaking to each other and having almost like a seminar together to learn material."

Sayler and Campbell are still planning to teach students math and science, but with a heavy focus on language and literature skills.

"In order for us to learn science, and in order for us to learn math well, we do it through language," continues Campbell. "That focus helps us be able to read and explore those subjects even better.

Before Sayler and Campbell can pick a location for the school, they first must apply for a charter in Leon County on February 1st. If accepted, they plan to open for classes in the fall of 2019.

The school will be open to kindergartners through 8th grade for the first year, but Tallahassee Classical School hopes to grow to k-12. 

While the first semester is over a year away, Tallahassee Classical School is accepting letters of interest. These letters are not a commitment for enrolling students.

The online interest form can be found here: Tallahassee Classical School

You can also find the school on facebook: