Talking to Tebow: Monticello Woman's Dying Wish Granted

Monticello Woman Gets Her Dying Wish Granted
Posted at 6:00 PM, Feb 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-23 17:35:51-05

MONTICELLO, FL (WTXL) -- A Monticello woman in her final days battling brain cancer has a special wish come true: a conversation with her role model Tim Tebow, a professional athlete, motivational speaker and philanthropist who gained fame while playing football at the University of Florida.

The wish came true, thanks to viewers who shared her story with thousands of others.

Amanda Vickers says it's still sinking in, but Wednesday, a final wish came true.

"Never in my wildest dreams did I expect any of this," she said.

Vickers has been battling brain cancer for two years: three months of rehab in the hospital, several rounds of chemotherapy, and now resting in a hospital bed at home -- but a phone call from Tebow, her "favorite person in the world," eclipsed all of that.

"In the highs and the lows, in all those times, we know that God is with you, and He loves you so, so dearly," said Tebow in their phone conversation. "He's going through everything with you, too."

"Him saying that God has plan for all of us, and we don't know what that plan is yet, but one day, him and I will meet," Vickers said.

It's a connection she had hoped to make in person, but Tebow can't make the trip from Arizona, currently in spring training for a minor league baseball team.

But distance didn't stop him from getting in touch.

"Since I've heard about your story, I've been praying for you and just wanted to reach out and talk to you," Tebow told her.

With her story, reaching thousands of people across the country, Tebow wasted no time once he heard.

"Someone as small as me affected someone as great as him -- that he felt the need to reach out that quickly," Vickers said.

A five-minute conversation -- that she'll remember for life.

"Undescribable," Vickers said. "A day I'll never forget."