Suwannee Residents: County Road 49 too narrow, dangerous

Julie Cowart
Posted at 11:35 AM, Feb 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-18 08:05:41-05

SUWANNEE COUNTY, Fla. (WTXL)--Some people in Suwannee County say County Road 49 is too narrow and drivers treat it like a race track. A woman also says when people leave her home on 224th Street she worries about them taking County Road 49 because of a dangerous curve nearby.

 "Whenever you pull out you can't see who's coming which way, especially at night, it's ten times worse," said Julie Cowart, a Suwannee County resident.

 Signs are posted, but Cowart would like to see a flashing light that would further warn drivers of the curve.

The county administrator doesn't foresee that happening.

"In those cases we do not typically place caution lights,” said Suwannee County Administrator Randy Harris. “Now very often, we will evaluate those types of areas and put in additional signage warning the people on 49 they need slow down, where they're may be a driveway or a crested hill on the other side."

Cowart says another intersection further down also needs a light.

"I know down at Market Road," said Cowart. "We really need a blinking light. Market Road really needs a blinking light. We have one on 252. No one has ever been bothered by that."

“I think the problem we suffer are the speeds people drive on County Road 49,” said Harris. “Two hundred sixteenth is also known locally as Market Road. It's a very good intersection. It's a very open intersection that people can see very well. I think the problem we are experiencing is people pulling out from Market Road onto County Road 49.”

Suwannee County Corporal Scott Senea says he caught many speeders on 49.

"I got a young lady on the way to school over 100 miles an hour so they move pretty good on this road, but we're out here patrolling it,” said Cpl. Senea.

Some other complaints about County Road 49 are that it's just too narrow especially when semi trucks come rolling through.

While Julie Cowart may not get the lights she wants, but the county administrator says a reconstruction project is in the works to widen 49.

"I would anticipate it should be completed with that first phase in 18 months and that time we should started that second phase,” said Harris. “That's our hope."

The county administrator says the project is 22 miles stretching from U.S. 27 to U.S. 90.

The first phase is 11 miles, and the second phase will wrap up toward 90.

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