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Posted at 1:05 PM, Jun 18, 2013
and last updated 2013-06-18 11:59:52-04

Star Metro Press Release

Tallahassee,Fla--Rising temperatures usually mark rising gas prices, but don’t you worry. This year, StarMetro is offering some extra relief by providing a fare free transit day on Thursday, June 20 - just one day before the official start of summer.

The transit agency is proudly participating in national Dump the Pump Day. This day, sponsored by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), encourages the use of public transportation during this time of year when gas prices typically go up.

“The national average for regular unleaded gas this week is $3.63 – six cents higher than it was last week,” said Mayor John Marks. “Public transportation is just one way to save your family some money as these prices continue to increase. My fellow Commissioners and I fully support StarMetro in offering this fare free opportunity.”

APTA began Dump the Pump Day in 2006 when gas prices were $3 per gallon as a way to highlight the economic advantages of using public transportation. According to the latest APTA Transit Savings Report, individuals in a two-person household can save an average of more than $9,700 annually by downsizing to one car.

“In this economic climate, saving money is on everyone’s mind,” said Ivan Maldonado, director of StarMetro. “Riding public transportation, such as StarMetro, is the quickest way to beat those high gas prices.”

StarMetro offers 12 crosstown routes and provides transportation services to Florida State University, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University and Tallahassee Community College. Last year, StarMetro provided over 4.5 million trips.

For more information about StarMetro services, please call StarMetro’s main office at 891-5200.