St. Marks Lighthouse Getting Big Renovations

St. Marks Lighthouse Getting Big Renovations
Posted at 6:18 PM, Apr 21, 2016

St. Marks, FL -- The St. Marks lighthouse has been deteriorating for some time now, but plans are in place for it to be refurbished and restored. Governor Rick Scott signed the 2016 General Appropriations act back in March 2016, giving over $500,000 dollars in grant money to the St. Marks lighthouse.

The lantern room will be getting restored first. Plans are to have a licensed contractor who is certified in historic restoration to replace everything with identical parts that resemble the ones used in the 1800's The second part of the project involves restoring the rest of the lighthouse, the keeper's quarters, and building a museum.

Refuge Ranger Robin Will says, "It sat there since the 1830s bravely shining its light over Apalachee bay, bringing navigators and mariners in safely. And what we want to do is kind of capture that historical moment with this mariner culture that we have here in Wakulla county; at the same time, showing how man has been part of the landscape ever since then."

The St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge warns residents and tourists that changes to parking and construction will begin soon, and that they should be aware if they plan to visit the coast.

The refuge is also continuing to accept donations toward raising funds to fix the lighthouse. Click here for more information.