South Georgia peanut farmers concerned by heavy rains

South Georgia peanut farmers concerned by heavy rains
South Georgia peanut farmers concerned by heavy rains
Posted at 4:20 AM, May 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-25 00:24:38-04
TIFT CO., GA (WALB) - Farmers and growers in South Georgia are very concerned by the heavy rain forecast for the holiday weekend. South Georgia peanut growers are now facing tough decisions that could cost big money for the region's economy.

Georgia Peanut Commission Chairman and farmer Armond Morris and Tyron Spearman with the National Peanut Buying Points Association checked the conditions at a Tift County Peanut field. The forecast of more heavy rain on young, already soaked plants, has farmers concerned.

"Just hopeful that all the peanut stands will be OK, but we may have to replant some peanuts," said Morris.

Only 65 percent of the 2018 Georgia peanut crop has been planted.  

"The crop is not growing as well as it should be," said University of Georgia Tifton peanut agronomist Scott Monfort. "So we are getting some cases of yellow peanuts just not growing."

Some growers are now having to watch and wait to see when and if they can finish planting, most likely at least another week away.

"Under these conditions, we are going to rot that seed away. As expensive as seed is right now, we don't need to take that risk," said Monfort.

And it's not just peanut farmers being impacted by extensive rain.

"We got a lot of people lacks several acres of cotton being through," said Morris. "We got people harvesting grain. So right now it's just really, really tough."

Morris says he is confident even if South Georgia receives inches more rain over the holiday weekend, farmers will make a peanut crop. That is vital to South Georgia's economy.

"Because agriculture is what carries South Georgia," said Morris.

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