Sopchoppy Businesses Make Community Feel Like Family

Rose Street in Sopchoppy
Posted at 6:53 PM, Jun 28, 2016

"The WTXL Road Trip" series continues, last week in Jefferson County and now packing up and heading to Wakulla County.

SOPCHOPPY, FL (WTXL) - Sopchoppy is a century old town that may be small, but has historical and family roots that run deep.

A grocery store, pizza parlor, concert venue, and antique shop all line the block around Rose street, Sopchoppy's main artery, in a town full of historic character.

Dewayne McClain bought the Sopchoppy Grocery Store in the 90's, "This building itself was built in the late forties, it was a trading post. And so there's a lot of history through the years."

"Being that my father-in-law had been in the grocery store industry for years, I followed in his footsteps. So, that's what inspired me. My wife Beth pretty much took over the produce and the grocery store itself," said Bill.

While the McClain's run a booming business, they say it never feels like work.

"You get to know your customers, it's almost as close as it could be to family. It's not our job, it's like a family. It's an extension," said Beth McClain.

Dale and Kathy own the pizza parlor around the corner. They kept the character of their building and turned it to a gathering place for pizza lovers everywhere.

"Years ago it was a drug store, Sopchoppy drug company, and that's how we got Sopchoppy Pizza's name," said Kathy. "We pretty much kept everything and wanted it to look like it did a hundred years ago."

Sopchoppy Pizza brings in customers from all over.

"We're from Cairo Georgia, We like coming down with the grand kids and eating here," said one customer.

"My husband said that this is where he wanted to eat for the weekend so we drove all the way down here from Tallahassee just for the pizza," said another.

And while the secret ingredient used in the pizza, Tupelo honey, is sweet, Sopchoppy Pizza says the environment and family atmosphere is sweeter.

"We know everybody and I can usually tell by the voice when they call and make a to-go order. We have great customers and Sopchoppy is one big happy family," said Kathy.

And that's a theory both Rose Street businesses have in common.

"We are constantly over at Sopchoppy grocery buying things that we need," said Kathy. "We know everybody by name, and so its good to have them here."

Beth McClain adds, "It doesn't get any closer than this."