Some Camilla citizens sign for mayor recall

Posted at 1:52 AM, Mar 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-12 21:57:01-04

CAMILLA, GA (WALB) - Some citizens of Camilla are not too pleased with some of the actions of their current mayor Rufus Davis, and want him removed from office. 

Camilla citizens gathered about 200 signatures for the removal of Mayor Davis.

The mayor said it's nothing he hasn't seen before.

"I'm unfazed by it, its completely something you expect and if you look at statistics in my community, you expect that type of reaction," said Davis.

Davis has been in office for two years and said this isn't the first time someones tried to remove him from office.

"When I became mayor, the citizens tried to recall almost the entire council. Four people, that are still on the council," said Davis.

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The mayor said the allegations against him claim he told the world that his city is racist, among other things.

Attorney Wilbur Gamble represents the petitioners and said he stands by the citizens who want the recall.

"My belief is that the recall was warranted and necessary," said Gamble."One of the major concerns was the treatment of the housing authority director Mr. Thomas."

The protestors also accuse the mayor of having an illegal meeting without properly notifying the public.

"If he had a meeting at all he would be in violation of the open records act and open government act because he couldn't have that meeting without having it properly advertised," said Gamble.

Davis responded by saying, "No one in the state of Georgia, in any case, the law has been removed from office for any of the things that they are alleging. All of which are untrue."

We did reach out to the leader for the petition group, but they declined to comment.

As of Monday, Camilla City Attorney Tommy Coleman said the signatures have not been submitted to his office.

Once they're submitted, the petition will be verified with a list of registered voters to make sure there are at least 100 approved signatures.

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