Sniffle stations installed at Lowndes County airport

Posted at 2:40 AM, May 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-29 22:43:51-04

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - An Air Force wife created a Sniffle Station at the Valdosta Regional Airport for sad goodbyes and happy reunions.

Elaine McPherson vamped up an old TV stand and turned it into an area that holds tissues for loved ones as soldiers deploy or return home.

The ribbon-cutting for the new Sniffle Station was held Tuesday at the airport.

"I just wanted to make sure that everyone who came through the airport whether they were military or they were just having grandma and grandpa go back after a visit, they had something nice that they could grab when they needed it," explained Mcpherson.

The tissue will be financed and stocked by the Lowndes County Board of Commissioners. So do not hesitate to grab a few if you are in need.

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