Sexual Abuse Suspect Arrested; Magnolia School Teachers Accused of Failing to Report

Jack Arons
Posted at 1:33 PM, Apr 14, 2015
and last updated 2015-04-15 04:29:53-04

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) -- Police have arrested Jack Arons for the alleged sexual abuse of a minor. This is the same case that put three teachers with the Magnolia School behind bars for failing to report the abuse.

Arons was arrested Monday. Court documents show that the victim spoke with family, friends and teachers about the abuse but that many believed that Arons was innocent. Authorities were made aware of the abuse on March 11 after a call was made to the abuse hotline.
During a series of interviews with police and the Department of Children and Families, the victim said that she was touched inappropriately by Arons on several occasions. She also claimed that she was forced to touch the suspect in a sexual manner.
Court documents also make a mention to a 2012 Leon County Sheriff's Office investigation into accusations that Arons was abusing the child. No charges were filed after this investigation. 
Three teachers, Sharon McQueen, Sunshine Jacobs, and Kathleen McGlynn, from the Magnolia School were arrested for failing to report the suspected abuse.
Jacobs and McGlynn were arrested in March. They are accused of creating a "safety plan" with the victim, the victim's mother, Arons and several teachers instead of reporting the abuse.
McQueen was arrested on April 14 for failing to report the abuse as well. She is accused of being given a note by a student which showed the victim was thinking about talking with her teachers about the abuse.
McQueen, Jacobs, and McGlynn are on pre-trial release and no court date has been set. 

As of April 14, Arons is still being held in jail and no bond has been set. ​