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Seminole state park still cleaning up hurricane Michael debris

Seminole state park still cleaning up hurricane Michael debris
Seminole state park still cleaning up hurricane Michael debris
Posted at 4:22 PM, Feb 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-02 16:18:04-04

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Ga. (WTXL) -  Four months after Hurricane Michael, Seminole State Park is still trying to re-open.

Crews at the southwest Georgia park may finally be able to open the gates next month.

Over the last four months, contractors working with Seminole State Park have cleared most of the roads of trees, and repaired many facilities like the cottages.

Other work has been slower. Due to the soft ground from persistent rain storms, heavy machinery cannot get to all of the fallen trees to haul them away.

"We pretty much came in the next day, the day after the hurricane came. The following day, all hands was on board, region was on board with us. We recruited from different agencies that they came in and brought their equipment with them to help us process this further and getting us cleaned up a lot faster," said Lupe Lazarine, Park Manager.

During my time at Seminole State Park Friday afternoon, Lazarine took me to see some of the harder hit areas of the park, where little work has been done.

The main focus right now is the front part of the park. The sooner that's ready for guests, the sooner the park can make money to finish cleaning up.

"It's cost us a good portion of revenue throughout the whole process. Our cottages are usually booked up. The camping areas are usually booked up this time of year because fishermen come down and want to enjoy time on the lake and catching their fair share of fish."

The goal is to have Seminole State Park open to the public by early March, though the entire park will *not* be accessible at that time. Instead, guests will be able to enjoy the front part of the park. That includes the children's play area and all 14 cabins.