Second week of Segura Trial underway

Segura Week 2 start
Segura Week 2 start
Posted at 4:17 PM, Aug 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-07 13:58:40-04

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) - It's the second week of the Henry Segura trial, and today, testimony focused around DNA evidence.

Segura is accused of killing his girlfriend and her three children in 2010, and could face the death penalty if he's found guilty.

WTXL ABC 27's Stephen Jiwanmall continues our coverage from court.

We heard TPD's first interview with Henry Segura, the same day Brandi Peters and her kids were found brutally murdered.

We'll get to that in a minute. But first, investigators headed to Jack Mclean park a week after the murders to collect evidence. It's just a mile from Brandi Peters' home, but what was found there had no solid connection to the crime scene.

Bloody clothes were found in a trash can at the park so were tags and gloves, but DNA evidence didn't point to anyone in particular.

An FDLE analyst testified there was unknown d-n-a at the crime scene, including a female's d-n-a underneath Brandi's nails and a male's DNA found on a door, phone cradle, purse and shovel.

But none of it was directly tied to Henry Segura. In fact, his DNA was excluded from several items that were analyzed.

Back to that interview with tallahassee police, watch henry segura react when police tell him his son is dead. DNA evidence pointing to another man, was not allowed by the judge.

The defense was trying to include a DNA match for drug runner Angel Avila-Quinones, but the judge sided with the state in what could be a big blow to the defense.

You're talking about former gang member James Santos, and this morning, we learned he will plead the fifth if he's called to testify. Right now, we're expecting Santos to be in court Wednesday, and we'll see if he does in fact plead the fifth.