Sarasota Sheriff's conduct an enforcement campaign called "Operation Spring Smack Down"

Operation Spring Smack Down
Posted at 2:44 PM, Apr 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-25 08:11:26-04

SARASOTA (WWSB) -- First it was a video focusing on prevention Opiod overdoses put out by the Sarasota Sheriff's, but now Sheriff Knight is taking action with "Operation Spring Smack Down."

"The commonality in all these arrests is heroin which is commonly referred to as smack."

The Sheriff even going into the graphic details of a noteworthy arrest of Finesse Lagler; not only charged with felony drug possession, but also with child neglect.

"After undercover detectives watched her boyfriend inject her with liquid opiate as a three year old who was in her custody and care walked dangerously close to bee ridge road."

The Sheriff showcased a poster of all 28 suspects arrested for a variety of drug crimes in March.

He says they have a combined 332 prior felony charges. Half of them even spending time in state prison. For Sheriff Knight, he says it's all about keeping the public safe with a four prong approach.

"of enforcement, prevention, education and treatment...we'll start to see a difference in the county."

In 2016, 165 overdoses in the county were documented...and in March during the operation, 32 overdoses were recorded. While we aren't seeing nearly the same numbers as other parts of the country, Knight says that many overdoses in one month is just too much.