Riding for a Reason: Thomasville Couple to Ride in Police Unity Tour

Police Unity Tour
Posted at 11:35 AM, Apr 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-03 12:48:36-04

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL)-- Law enforcement officers from all over the country will soon have a different call of duty, one where they pedal their way to Washington D.C.

"Just being around the other officers because of the family that they have, I understand why it was so important to my brother," said Tonya Frare.

Law enforcement equals family.

That's what Tonya Frare has learned from riding in the Police Unity Tour.

Her brother Jonathan Nash was killed on September 19, 2009. He was a South Carolina Highway patrolman, escorting a memorial ride for a fallen trooper.

"He was a member of the ACE team, and he was a motorcycle trooper," said Tonya. "There was another driver that pulled out in front of him, and he was killed on scene."

Ever since 2010, Tonya's been on a bike in his honor as part of the Police Unity Tour, riding from Portsmouth, Virginia to Washington D.C. where the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial wall stands.

Her husband Brad began taking part in the ride when spouses of survivors were allowed to join in.  This will be his third year.

"They're not the egomaniac officers some people think they are," said Brad Frare. "To me, that's what the tour is, not only riding for a fallen officer who we really don't know. We're riding with the officers to get to know them."

A newspaper article with coverage on Jonathan's funeral is displayed at their house, along with challenge coins and keepsakes.

These are all sentimental reminders of Jonathan.

"There's a lot of times you think you could get off the bike," said Brad. "My knee hurts. The weather is terrible. You can't see. I might as well get in the van and not ride this segment. You don't. You stay on the bike. You keep going. That's what you owe that officer."

Staying true to the Police Unity Tour motto: We ride for those who died.