Retired circus performer looking for a mate

Posted at 3:50 PM, Apr 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-14 15:50:00-04

SARASOTA-- Like so many others, a retired circus performer is now calling Sarasota his home. His name is, Bob.

He isn't a trapeze artist or a clown, in fact, he's not even human. Bob, is a capybara, a large rodent native to South America.

"The kids love it because they think it's a giant hamster or gerbil," said Clayton Rosaire of Big Cat Habitat, where Bob will be living the rest of his days.

Bob is one of, if not the strangest animal to be found at Big Cat Habitat. Rosaire says he came from a woman living in New York who had been using him as a circus performer.

"Where do people who retire in New York want to go? Sarasota, Florida, of course," said Rosaire.

Big Cat Habitat built a large area for Bob to roam. It includes a waterfall, house and a cave. His diet includes romaine lettuce, corn, and various fruits.

Now, the goal is to find him a mate. Capybaras are gregarious animals.

"He has tried all different ways of finding a friend. He tried Tinder, but his little fingers didn't work too well on the phone. Match dot com wouldn't even accept his application, but there's a strong chance he will find someone in the future," said Rosaire.

Rosaire has been in touch with other zoos and wildlife officials to find another capybara in the area. If you know of one, give Big Cat Habitat a call.