Residents in Quitman have concerns after accusations against the mayor

Posted at 5:23 PM, Sep 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-27 17:23:00-04

QUITMAN, Ga. (WTXL) - Some residents in Quitman have become increasingly concerned with how their city has been operating for the past nine months. 

That includes Ashley Williams, who found herself in a similar situation as the woman before her as the Utilities Billing Clerk.

The woman before her, Jalisa Mack was the billing clerk for three years, but she says right after Quitman Mayor Nancy Dennard took office in January, everything changed.

She says City Manager Willie Burns and Dennard periodically told her to erase certain billing statements, specifically those whose power was on the verge on being shut off.

But she refused, and questioned why they were instructing her to do so.

By February she was fired, and Williams replaced her that same day, though she says they had someone else reportedly clear billing statements. 

"But, because that person didn't know how to do it, they had to come to me and I had to show them how to get rid of this particular bill," said Mack. "So, with me finding out what was going on that way, they gave me a whole lot of insight as to what was going on." 

She said she wanted to quote "stick it out" for as long as she could, but says she left her job in July, because Dennard "micromanages" and creates "hostile work environments."

Quitman's police chief resigned just a few days ago.

City Attorney Karla Walker has no comment as to why so many city employees have left or been fired, and says she doesn't have plans to release any statements about that matter or about pending litigation against Dennard.

Neither City Manager Burns or Mayor Dennard have responded for comment.