Residents concerned about gang violence rising in Pelham

Posted at 4:57 PM, Oct 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-29 16:57:00-04

PELHAM, Ga. (WALB) - Residents are speaking out after a shooting happened in the Bennetta Cockran Homes community on Saturday night.  

Residents said although a life was not taken in the incident, they are concerned gangs and crimes are on the rise in their community.  

"It's people who don't even live out up here that's terrorizing us, that's torturing us. It's not fair," said resident Terry Williams.  

Terry Williams and a few of her neighbors in the Bennetta Cockran Homes community said they are fed up with the shootings and crimes happening in their area.  

"There has been some incidents as recent as this weekend where there was someone that came up there and fired several shots," said Rod Williams.  

Terry Williams said in the past two months, people have came in their community and shot at homes, cars, and even vandalized vehicles. But she says this Saturday was the last straw.  

"I was sitting in the house watching TV and I just started hearing gunshots just going off," said Terry.  

Terry came outside to find her car with a bullet hole, something she said could have ended her granddaughters life.  

"If we would have came home at the same time, my granddaughter would've been sitting right there," said Terry.  

Residents said they believe the senseless crimes are being done at night since many lights and cameras are broken, but Pelham Police officials said they are working hard to protect the community.  

"We definitely take it seriously and give every effort to patrol and protect that community," said Rod Williams. 

This community said before a life is taken, they want officers to step in and end what they believe is gang violence.  

"I want some justice. I want something to be done," said Terry. 

The assistant chief at the Pelham Police Department said Monday morning they had a meeting with the Housing Authority folks to discuss putting more cameras and lights in that community. They said in the meantime, it's important for everyone to report any incident immediately.