Resident speaks about shooting death at the hands of 3-year-old child

Posted at 3:47 AM, Oct 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-18 23:49:50-04

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG)A - The Aiken County Sheriff’s Office is investigating what they call an unusual shooting death of 23-year-old Timothy Johnson. This shooting death took place at the hands of a 3-year-old child. Witnesses say the child was handed the gun and told to chase and shoot Timothy Johnson. The gun went off and the neighborhood could not believe the result.

"We weren't just neighbors, we were family," says Marie Kuhns, a resident at the trailer park. She's been in out of the neighborhood for the last 20 years and says it has only gotten worse in the last couple years.

This trailer park used to bring happier memories for Marie Kuhns and her family years ago. But now after the shooting death of 23-year Timothy Johnson -- "I don't think so," says Kuhns.

Her brother-in-law was the last person with Johnson after he was shot. "He actually felt the man's last breath. When he got shot, they all ran. Well my daughter and my brother-in-law, they ran to him. And they were trying to stop the bleeding," says Kuhns.

31-year-old Albert Davis handed his 3-year-old son the handgun and told him to chase Johnson around the yard and shoot him. And Marie wonders if the incident was calculated. "But from my understanding, they grabbed the gun from the child and then gave it back to him. So, I'm not saying they did. I'm not saying they didn't. But you read between the lines," says Kuhns.

The gun went off and shot Johnson in the chest. He died next to this shed due to an excessive loss of blood according to the Aiken County Coroner. The question is where will this leave the 3-year old in the future. "It's going to be a memory to this child. What is he, how is he going to deal with this later on in his life," says Kuhns.

Aiken County Sheriff's Office says South Carolina DSS assisted to protect the well-being of the child while the investigation is underway. Sergeant Stephen Shunn says they will continue to have deputies patrolling the area. "As far as we've gotten, its shock for everyone from yesterday. But this is something that we'll make sure that we keep an eye on and we just pray for the families and everyone involved," says Sgt. Stephen Shunn of the Aiken County Sheriff's Office.

Although this neighborhood brought happier times in the past, Marie says the community has drastically changed and she's ready to move on. "Yes, more so now than ever. If I had the means right now, I would be gone right now," says Kuhns.

Anyone with any new information should contact the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office where you can remain anonymous and eligible for a $1,000 cash reward.

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