Reflecting on Tallahassee's Last White Christmas

snow in Tallahassee
Posted at 8:41 PM, Dec 24, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-24 16:18:23-05

TALLAHASSEE (WTXL) - Someone must have dreamed really hard Christmas morning in 1989. It was a day that would go in the record books for Florida and South Georgia.

Dr. Henry Fuelberg, a meteorology professor at Florida State University, never imagined this would happen, "I was totally astounded," he said.

Fuelberg had only been in Tallahassee for four years at that point, "Just to think that in sunny, warm Florida you would have snow on Christmas day that just totally blew me away. But it was fun," said Fuelberg.

Parks Camp, lead forecaster at the National Weather Service, says from December 22nd to the 23rd, the Tallahassee area got a solid inch of snowfall.

And on Christmas morning, there was still some on the ground. Something that had never happened since records began back in the late 1800s. He says, "White Christmases are pretty unlikely for Tallahassee."

The big bend and South Georgia gets measurable snowfall once every 17 years, but to get snow exactly on Christmas day? Fuelberg says, "The odds are infinitesimally small."

What we saw 25 years ago on Christmas day probably won't happen again for a very long time.