Recount scheduled for Leon County Commission District 3 race

Leon County Commission District 3 race could go to recount
Recount scheduled for Leon County Commission District 3 race
Recount scheduled for Leon County Commission District 3 race
Posted at 2:55 PM, Aug 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-31 13:45:58-04

LEON COUNTY, Fla. (WTXL) - The Leon County Elections Office is recounting votes to verify the results of two races from the recent primary election. 

The recount will include a district race for Circuit Judge Circuit 2 Group 12, to determine a run-off opponent for candidate David Frank in the general election in November.

And a local race for Leon County Commissioner District 3 to determine whether candidate Rick Minor, who received 50.43 percent of the votes, had enough votes to win the race. 

"It's just to verify the validity of the account to make sure everything is nice and accurate," said Mark Earley, Leon County Supervisor of Elections. "Cause you're getting to where it's kinda close so you just want to make sure everything is right."  

The Leon County Supervisor of Elections Office must have both recounts completed by Sunday at 3 p.m. 

LEON COUNTY, Fla. (WTXL) - A recount has been scheduled for the District 3 seat on the Leon County Commission.

The Leon County Supervisor of Elections’ office reported its first official results to the state Friday morning.

The first official results say Rick Minor won the position with 50.42 percent of the vote.

However, officials are going ahead with a recount. The Canvassing Board will meet at 2 p.m. Friday for a recount. 

The deadline to report results is Sunday.

LEON COUNTY, Fla. (WTXL) - In the race for the District 3 Seat on the Leon County Commission, candidate Rick Minor got just over 50 percent of the vote on election night.

It's technically enough to win, as a candidate just needs 50 percent, plus one vote.

But the results aren't official yet and there's a possibility that one race in Leon County could go to a recount.

Work is far from over at the Supervisor of Elections Office.

The deadline to report the first unofficial results from the primary is Friday at 12:00 p.m.

"What that does is it gives us time to look at all the provisional ballots, any unscanned ballots that have been presented at the polling place," said Mark Earley, Leon County Supervisor of Elections.

Looking at those ballots could be the difference in the race for County Commission District 3.

The unofficial results show Rick Minor earned 50.43 percent of the vote. That .43 percent is critical.

If a candidate earns 50 percent of the vote, plus one ballot, in a non-partisan race, then, he or she wins outright. There's no runoff.

But a Florida statute says if a candidate is defeated by one-half of a percent or less, a recount shall be ordered.

"When you put this much time and effort into a race, you want to, I want to consider my options," said Emily Fritz, Candidate for Leon County Commission District 3.

Fritz was the runner-up to Minor in their race. If the recount finds Minor doesn't have the required votes to win outright, then Fritz is back on the ballot in November.

Both candidates were at the Leon County Canvassing Board's meeting Thursday. Minor says he welcomes a recount, if necessary.

"The way the election process is done in Leon County is very sound, so I don't expect the numbers to change," said Minor.

The Supervisor of Elections Office already recounts the votes using an automated system as part of its audit.

That system hasn't been certified for recounts yet, so if there's a need for one, the office will go through a machine recount first and then count by hand, if necessary.

It's possible that a second local race could go to a recount too.

Lisa Barclay Fountain and Christine Thurman are in a similar situation, with their votes in the race for Leon County Circuit Judge.

The winner would face David Frank in a runoff in November.