Quincy man sexually assaults, threatens girlfriend after accusing her of affair

Quincy man sexually assaults, threatens girlfriend after accusing her of affair
Posted at 2:04 PM, May 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-26 14:04:00-04

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) - A convicted felon was arrested after sexually assaulting, choking, and threatening his girlfriend and her children because he believed she was having an affair.  

Timothy Washington, 29, was taken into custody by the Leon County Sheriff's Office on Friday. 

On Dec. 5, 2017 around 4:50 p.m., the Tallahassee Police Department responded to a report of domestic battery.  

When officers arrived, they saw the victim was visibly shaken and crying. Officers saw that the victim "had obvious physical injuries, to include a swollen left eye and forehead, a small abrasion to her clavicle area, and red marks on both sides of her neck."   

While talking with officers, the victim advised them that she had arrived at the residence she shares with Washington. 

She stated when she entered the residence, Washington battered her by throwing her to the kitchen floor and hitting her in the face. 

The victim told officers that while she was lying on the floor, Washington grabbed a hold of her hair and pulled her down the hallway. 

According to the police report, Washington continued to hit her while saying, "I am going to kill you" and "You are not leaving."  

The victim said Washington placed his hands around her neck and applied enough pressure that she could neither breath or scream for help. 

Washington ultimately stopped the assault, and the victim was able to escape from the residence.  

Officers were unable to find Washington on Dec. 5. 

Officers followed up with the victim on Dec. 6, finding out that the victim and Washington have been in a dating relationship since Feb. 2017 and have lived together since June 2017. 

She told officers that there had been prior instances of domestic violence. TPD records showed that since June 2017 the victim contacted law enforcement on three prior occasions to report being hit by Washington.  

The police report states the victim failed to fully cooperate with each follow-up investigation and no arrest could be made. 

The victim said on the afternoon of Dec. 5, she had gone over to a friend's house to socialize. Washington, believing she was having an affair, began sending her angry and threatening messages that read "Ima beat that a** h**" and "B**** on my grandma grave ima beat the s*** out of you h**." 

The threatening messages continued with Washington threatening to kill the victim's pet rabbit and burning her children. 

The victim informed officers that along with being hit, she was also sexually assaulted by Washington. 

She stated that while she was on the kitchen floor, Washington pulled her pants from her body and tore her underwear off against her will.

While doing this, Washington told the victim he was checking to see if she had sex with someone while she was away from the residence. 

The victim said that as she was trying to get to her feet, she saw that she was bleeding from her private area.   

After searching the residence, officers found blood smeared on the kitchen floor and a towel stained with suspected blood in the trash can.  

They also found the victim's torn shirt and pants in the dryer as well as her torn underwear on the floor of her bedroom. 

Based on the evidence, Washington is being charged with felony domestic battery by strangulation and sexual battery.  

Washington is a convicted felon with significant criminal history in Florida and Georgia.  

His bond has been set at $20,000.