Quincy man accused of biting, choking juvenile victim

Quincy man accused of hitting, biting, choking juvenile
Posted at 10:29 AM, Aug 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-22 14:10:26-04

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) - A Quincy man was arrested on drug and child abuse charges after being accused of biting and choking a juvenile female.

Tony LeKendrick Bostick, 39, has been charged with child cruelty and possession of a controlled substance without a prescription.

Court documents say Bostick visited the victim's Tallahassee home on May 23, while he was looking for someone else. The victim described him as "irate" and believed he was under the influence of both alcohol and drugs.

When Bostick entered the home, the victim told him the person he wanted was sleeping and warned he should be quiet or leave.

That's when Bostick cursed at the victim and called her names, the court document said, "and without provocation charged towards her and began to choke her with both of his hands wrapped around her neck."

The victim said she didn't blackout and tried to punch Bostick to defend herself. Noise from the fight woke up the person Bostick had come to visit, and the person came and tried to break up the fight.

While trying to break free of Bostick's grip, the victim's hands were near his face, she said, and he bit her right thumb, causing it to bleed.

After she broke away from Bostick, the victim grabbed an end table and yelled at Bostick to leave. The victim then dropped the table, ran to another home and told someone what had happened.

When she began walking back to the home, the victim saw Bostick in the street and tried to run inside and lock the front door.

But Bostick was able to open the door before it was locked and began to try to push her outside and into the front yard, the investigator wrote. Bostick "began to 'swing' on her again while trying to get her into the front yard." 

One of the people with the victim pepper sprayed Bostick to try to stop him from fighting her, the court document said. The victim said she then grabbed a Louisville slugger bat from inside the house and swung it at Bostick as he was being sprayed.

Afterward, the victim said she ran across the street to hide.

Two Tallahassee Police Department officers found Bostick at a nearby house, where he was hiding behind a utility closet. When officers searched him, they found a pill bottle containing several small plastic baggies holding white powder.

The substance later tested positive for cocaine.

At first, Bostick denied being involved in a fight and told the officers that the people who claimed he had were lying on him.

When asked about the pill bottle, Bostick stated he found it in the driveway of a neighbor's house, opened it, and didn't see anything inside. However, he said he dipped his finger in the pill bottle and tasted the substance inside.

Documents say, "he advised that he was 100% positive that the substance located in the pill bottle was 'Cinnamon Toast Crunch' (referring to the cereal) and that no illicit narcotics were located inside." 

Later on, Bostick changed his story and claimed he was "set up" by the victim. He said the juvenile saw the pill bottle in a driveway, picked it up and handed it to him, and then, for no reason, pepper sprayed him.

After being medically cleared, Bostick was booked into the Leon County Detention Center on Tuesday with no bond listed.