Puppy recovering after getting stuck in Yazoo Co. tar

Puppy recovering after getting stuck in Yazoo Co. tar 1
Posted at 11:21 AM, May 24, 2017
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YAZOO COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) - On Monday, May 15th, a small puppy was discovered glued to the ground in a pool of tar at a Yazoo County barn late Mother's Day, but the County Road Manager at the property didn't seemed too concerned about the hazard when we spoke with him today, even throwing some insults in our direction. 

The puppy was spotted under a leaking tar storage container on the public property when Mike Frazier was taking his garbage to the dump.

Frazier called FLY Animal Rescue and rescuers quickly showed up on scene.

According to FLY Animal Rescue, it cried out for help, unable to move as one side of his body and his face were stuck in the substance.  

Members of the group were finally able to pry the dog from the sticky pile of tar. 

"He was embedded in tar, it was up under the center of that tar tank," said Frazier. "And it was caked in tar about 2 to 3 inches thick."

It took time to free the puppy. He lost hair to the tar that had hardened around his body.

Monday morning, rescuers and good Samaritans were still working to removed the tar from 12-14 week old stray.  

The puppy was taken to the Animal Medical Center where he was sedated and wrapped with coconut oil.

Fly Animal Rescue says they are working to get the hardened pieces of tar off of the dog, but he is "not out of the woods yet" and has a long recovery ahead.

We went to the facility where we discovered poor fencing around the hazardous tar pit. We also went to County Road Manager Jim Warrington to find out why the hazard had not been disposed of, but according to him, and those in his office, they don't have to, they can't help what happens when they aren't there and this is all just "fake news".

When asked is MDEQ said to get rid of the tar, Warrington said, "No, it's water soluble tar. Water can wash it off".

A spokesman for the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality says they had staff on the scene Monday morning.

The manager was advised to clean up the environmental mess and properly dispose of the tar and dirt mixture. 

MDEQ will continue to monitor the situation as clean up progresses. 

The puppy has since recovered from the ordeal. It took rescuers many days to get the tar removed from his hair and skin.

Tuesday, May 23, the puppy rescued from a pool of tar in Yazoo County headed home from the vet to his foster home.

He is doing much better and recovering in a foster home with Fly Animal Rescue. 

99% of the tar has been cleaned off the pup after the rescue worked tirelessly for days.

According to the rescue, the puppy has been named Warrior. His foster family describes him as being very playful and nosey.

As of right now, Warrior is not available for adoption. The rescue says he needs to get completely healthy before he will be placed up for adoption.

Fly Animal Rescue is a non-profit, tax deductible organization in Yazoo County.  

Payments can also be mailed to FLY Animal Rescue, P.O. Box 225, Benton, MS 39039 or deposited directly into For the Love of Yazoo's Animals at any BankPlus. 

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