Protesters Gather at Senator Marco Rubio's Office

Protesters Gather at Senator Marco Rubio's Office.jpg
Posted at 3:18 PM, Feb 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-06 15:30:37-05

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) - Protesters in the Capital City and around Florida are gathering at the offices of Senator Marco Rubio, saying that donations to Rubio's campaign made by Betsy DeVos, President Trump's pick for education secretary, could result in a conflict of interest and that the senator should abstain from the vote or resign.

The Women’s March Florida said that Rubio has accepted $98,300 dollars in campaign donations from Betsy DeVos and her family. The organization insists that DeVos' donation is an ethical violation, especially if Rubio proceeds with his vote to confirm her.

For them, the only ethical alternative is for Rubio to recuse himself from her confirmation vote or resign as senator altogether. 

According to the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD) DeVos, and her family, have engaged in campaign corruption in the past.

Christina Mandreucci, a spokeswoman for Rubio's office said that people contribute to Rubio's campaign because they believe in his agenda.

A full statement from his office is below. 

"People contribute to Senator Rubio's campaign because they support his agenda. Ms. DeVos is a strong supporter of empowering parents and providing educational opportunity for all, policies Senator Rubio has supported for over a decade," said Mandreucci. "Her nomination is opposed by Democrats who take millions of dollars from the big unions obsessed with denying school choice to low-income children. Senator Rubio looks forward to voting to confirm her."

On Monday, Women's March Florida met at Rubio's office around 1 p.m. to protest his refusal to resign.