Power restored at Aqua Club apartments

Aqua Club
Aqua Club
Posted at 5:00 PM, Nov 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-13 12:20:16-05

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) - Residents at a Tallahassee apartment complex were desperate for answers after they say their power was out for more than a week.

A spokesperson says power was restored on Monday. 

The complaints come from those living at the Aqua Club student apartments on Ocala Road.

One concerned uncle, Les Brewer, came into town to help his nephew while his power was out. Brewer says he's reached out to management multiple times, but they have not been responsive.

"What they presented it as was that the city of Tallahassee was waiting on a part," said Brewer. "As it turns out, it's not the City of Tallahassee but an electrician they've hired to do the work that they're waiting on a part."

"It's been over a week that this has been going on," Brewer continued. "My nephew has been out of a place to live. He doesn't have a vehicle here in Tallahassee he's a student at FSU. He's had to go to class, stay with friends, stay on the couch, use other peoples showers.  It can just be very inconvenient."

WTXL reached out to the Aqua Club leasing office and the manager on site told us they're working to fix the issue. When we asked if there's a timetable for when power will be restored, management said they had no further comment.

A spokesperson for the apartments gave WTXL this statement:

"On Thursday, November 2nd, Aqua Club experienced an unforeseen vehicle accident that caused severe damage to the electrical meter bank for Building One.  As a safety measure, the City of Tallahassee elected to disconnect the power to the building.  Unfortunately, the repairs were delayed and out of our control due to parts that were not locally available.  We have been in daily contact with the electrical repair company and expect repairs to be complete today.  A final inspection is required by the City and we expect it to be complete today, along with power being restored.

Residents were notified via email and notices were posted on property when this issue began.  To accommodate the affected residents, we offered to relocate those residents to alternate units until the issue was resolved.  Additionally, for those that could not be relocated or find alternate accommodations, we offered to reimburse them for hotel expenses.

We regret the inconvenience this has caused our residents and will continue to keep them informed as we are updated.”

Spokesperson for Aqua Club Apartments

On Monday, the spokesperson informed WTXL of an update:

"We have just received word that the power has been restored. We are working now to notify our residents and assist them with any necessary assistance as they return to their apartments."