400-pound pig attacks 3-year-old in Lauderdale County

400 pound pig
400 pound pig
Posted at 7:59 PM, Jul 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-25 16:03:03-04

ROGERSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - A 3-year-old in Rogersville is recovering after a massive pig bit off a chunk of her arm. The little girl had to be airlifted to Huntsville Hospital.

"When I came out, the pig had her arm in its mouth and was on top of her," said her mother, Amber White.

White and her 3-year-old daughter, Bella, pointed to where the attack happened outside their home Monday morning off County Road 26 in Lauderdale County. The family said at the time, Bella and her two older brothers were playing in the yard when the neighbor's pet pig named Booger came over.

"I was telling 911 dispatchers that...a 400-pound pig was on my daughter," White said.

A bandage now covers the large wound.

"It was horrific. I didn't have time to think or anything until after she was in the air and then it hit me what all had happened," White said.

Bella now has multiple layers of stitches, more than 26 in all. She will see an orthopedic surgeon to make sure she doesn't have any nerve damage.

"The chunk that he took out was massive, down to the bone and then on the back of her arm he took out another piece," said White.

The health department has ordered the pig to be euthanized. The pig's head will be tested for any diseases.

Other neighbors said the pig has gotten out before and bitten other people. Florence Animal Control also said they've had several calls over the last few years to come out and ask the owner to get the pig back in its pen.

"I wish it would have came out differently for the pig, but at least it can't hurt anybody else," White said.

Bella is also now scared to go play outside.

Booger's owner didn't want to comment about the mauling. She did say Booger the pet pig was a gift for Valentine’s Day two years ago from her fiancé.

White could pursue charges against the pig's owner, such as permitting livestock or animals to run at large, which is a misdemeanor.

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