Police: Woman arrested after throwing knife at boyfriend taking shower

Posted at 12:36 PM, Sep 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-09 10:58:20-04

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) -  A Tallahassee woman was arrested after throwing a knife at her boyfriend while he was taking a shower. 

Lameshia Bowles, 26, was arrested by the Tallahassee Police Department on Thursday.

On Thursday at about 9:16 p.m., officers responded to Merry Oaks Court in response to a domestic violence call with a couple who's been dating for 13 years. 

When officers arrived on scene, they saw Bowles, walking from the house to a running vehicle that was parked on the side of the home, while the victim was on the front porch, talking on the phone. 

Officers stated Bolwes was very irate, throwing her arms around, and yelling at officers that she wanted to write a statement.  

When officers spoke with Bowles, she said her and the victim had a disagreement over their children's discipline the day before, which resulted in him "choking her out."  

When officers asked what happened on the day of the incident, Bowles stated nothing happened and no one had knives. 

She told officers that only a verbal altercation happened and that the victim locked her out of the house while she was at the car. 

She said she tried to push her way back in by wedging a brick on the porch in the door jam. 

When officers began speaking with the victim, he said Bowles got into his face and began screaming at him over "some stupid stuff."  

He stated he walked away to allow her to calm down, which sometimes works because she yells at him frequently.  

According to the victim, Bowles then took their two children outside the house and put them into her car. 

He told officers that's when he got into the shower because he thought they were leaving for the night.  

The victim said Bowles then came into the bathroom, ripped open the shower curtain, and threw a knife at him. 

He told officers the knife missed, and Bowles ran out of the house. 

The police report states, because the victim was shocked, he quickly got out of the shower, put on some pants, and followed behind Bowles. 

When he noticed Bowles left the front door open, he closed it and locked her out, refusing to let her back in because she was acting "crazy." 

Bowles tried to open the window to get back in, but when that didn't work, she tried to get back into the house by smashing a large brick against the front door. 

After Bowles smashed in the locked back door in her last attempt to get into the house, the victim called law enforcement to come out and calm her down. 

When officers asked the victim if he choked Bowles the day before like she claims, he said he was just lying on the couch when she began frantically punching him. 

He said at no point did he try to defend himself because he is afraid of being accused of battering her. 

When officers followed up with Bowles, she told them conflicting stories about whether or not she had a knife during the incident.  

According to the police report, when officers asked Bowles if she threw a knife at the victim, she said, "No, if I wanted hurt him I would have stabbed him," and then stated she would have "terrible aim" if she missed the victim when throwing a knife at him.  

Bowles amended that statement and said that her and the victim just verbally argued over him texting other women. 

Based on the evidence and Bowles being inconsistent with her statement, she is being charged with domestic violence/aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill. 

She was taken to the Leon County Detention Facility.