Police pushing to get your text messages saved

Police want text messages saved for two years
Posted at 10:10 PM, Dec 06, 2012

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) --  Hardy Moore says each day he sends more text messages than he does making phone calls.

Hardy Moore says, "Probably about 50 to 75."

When he sends a text message to friends and family he expects them to be private.

But some national associations that represent Law Enforcement agencies, including the North Carolina S-B-I are pushing congress to force cell phone company's to store text messages for two years. Just in case they need it for future investigations.

Glenn Sapp, Assistant Police Chief, Quincy Police Department says, "A lot of times in drug cases and narcotics investigations with kingpins and drug traffickers we need to prove that they are connected to other drug dealers and many times to do that we subpoena their text messages."

Jamecia Gray says its another step of the government into your personal lives.

Jamecia Gray says, "It is crazy it is an invasion of privacy."

Some say its nothing new.

Because police use court orders to get phone records and emails.

Text messages are not saved on servers like emails.

Hardy Moore says he'll be more cautious when he sends text messages.

Hardy Moore says, "I would definitely think twice before I send something if i felt like i did not want anyone else to read it. That is what texting is suppose to be for the other persons eyes."