Photos of 'heartbroken' best man go viral

Photos of 'heartbroken' best man go viral 1
Posted at 10:07 AM, Jun 21, 2017
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(WBTV) - When your best friend gets married, you aren't losing a bro - you're gaining a broife (bro wife). Apparently, no one told Mitch, the best man, whose wedding photos are going viral.

Lindsey Berger, an Ohio photographer, posted a set of playful photos from a wedding that she shot of a couple who got married over the weekend.

Berger says that Brittney and her fiance, Kody, initially came to her with an idea they had seen on Pinterest and wanted to include Kody's best friend (and best man), Mitch.

The couple had "I Do" spelled out on the bottom of their shoes and Mitch sat next to them with "N'T" to change the message to "I don't."

"Mitch is such a goofball and after complaining about me making him give Kody a kissy face, he did it and he just owned the photo," Berger said. "It was so funny and many people in our small town just LOVED it!"

So when it came time for the high school sweethearts to get married in Findlay, Ohio on Saturday, Berger had an idea for a fun follow-up photo.

"I just thought these kids were so much fun so I asked the bride and Mitch's girlfriend if they thought the boys would go for it and they did," Berger said. "I thought it would be funny to do a follow-up to the original, just to show how Mitch was handling it!"

She posted both photos on her Facebook page Sunday and they went viral.

"I have been getting the most rave reviews and a ton of positivity! Most people complimenting the creativity," Berger said. "They've complimented the humor and how fun it all looked."

She says when the photos started taking off, she refused to read the comments because she's seen how sometimes comments can turn hateful but says thankfully that hasn't been the case.

Berger says many people have been tagging their best friends in hopes of duplicating the photos at their own weddings.

"We've even been asked for an update," she said. "Don't worry, we will be sure to take a follow-up picture once the couple gets pregnant."

As for sad and lonely Mitch... Berger says many people have asked if he's single.

"Sorry ladies, he has a beautiful girlfriend," she joked.

Berger says she has been overwhelmed but overjoyed and "truly feel humbled by the amazing response."

"I've been told by many that God gave me a great talent to be able to really 'see' people and I'm happy that I saw the humor in this group," Berger said. "I give every ounce of glory to God for any success that I have and blessed beyond measure to have met this amazing couple and their friends! I'm overwhelmed and so excited!"

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