Pelham makes sewer system and light upgrades

Pelham makes sewer system and light upgrades
Pelham makes sewer system and light upgrades
Posted at 2:56 AM, May 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-23 23:01:56-04

PELHAM, GA (WALB) - The city of Pelham is making strides to improve the quality of life for its residents.

The city started remodeling and reviving much of its town, including sewer systems to help during heavy rain.

Pelham's Public Works department is doing a number of rehab projects, not only to beautify the city but also to better prepare for severe weather. 

The utility department recently renovated Kahn Park by installing gas lights, re-doing some landscaping, fountains and benches. 

One major project officials are working on now is rehabbing sanitary sewers all over the city. 

City officials said there are 30 miles of sewage pipes. So far they've finished about half of those with the help of a $500,000 Community Development Block Grant.

Officials said this was done to help low-income areas. 

"The focus of the Community Development Block Grant is to benefit low and minority income neighborhoods. So fixing the infrastructure in areas where people have frequent sewer backups and those kinds of things," said Pelham Public Works Director Ronny Dudley. 

Crews finished those projects in four sections of the city already.

They plan is to finish another section with grant funds until all the sewers are repaired. 

As for storm drainage, officials said on Wednesday they cleaned all storm drains to prevent flooding ahead of this weekend's rain. 

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