'Part of the tumor has died': Terminally ill girl receives positive update

'Part of the tumor has died': Terminally ill girl receives positive update
'Part of the tumor has died': Terminally ill girl receives positive update
Posted at 8:42 AM, Aug 02, 2017
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OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - The family of a terminally ill Ocean Springs girl just received some good news about her illness. It comes as little Sophia Meyers approaches her five-month mark since the diagnosis.

"I'm praying this is the first step of seeing her cured," said Sophia’s mom, Angel.

The Myers are not giving up. They're not giving up on Sophia, and they're not giving up hope.

"I believe in miracles," said Angel Myers.

Diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, or DIPG, in March of this year, Sophia was given 9- 12 months to live. The rare brain tumor is inoperable, but Sophia has been involved in a clinical trial at Emory in Atlanta.

They went for a checkup this past weekend and received a much welcome report from her doctors.

"A large part of the tumor is dead, and that's good. That's good news. The doctor said that this isn't what he typically sees," said Angel Myers.

However, the part of the tumor that's still alive could grow, which is why Myers says Sophia will stay on her clinical trial for now.

"Our doctor told us he was praying for a miracle with us, but at the same time her diagnosis is a terminal, there's no cure. They don't survive," said Myers.

In the hardest days of their lives, Sophia's mom and dad are doing everything they can to keep her comfortable and happy.

"We take vacations and stuff because we want to take her as many places as we can. Like she said, everything is day to day," said Sophia’s dad, Josh Myers.

Her parents say Sophia is truly a warrior, staying as strong as she can.

"She wants to feel better, she keeps saying... It’s like you wake up to a nightmare every day because you want her to be better," said Josh Myers.

"This is good news, but it's not over. I believe in the power of prayer, and that's what I'm asking everybody to do, to pray for her," said Angel Myers.

Tuesday, they were able to register her for school. She will start later this week in a home bound program. 

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