Our Town Holidays: Boston, Ga.

Our Town Holidays: Boston, Ga.
Posted at 1:34 PM, Dec 28, 2012

BOSTON, Ga. -- The promise of a new year means new opportunities for the town of Boston, Georgia. Several local businesses have opened up recently and more are on the way, something that many local residents are thankful for during the holiday season.

Coincidentally, holidays are the particular reason that the ABC 27 team, including Sunrise Anchor Abbey Mauer, paid a visit to the small town nuzzled between Thomasville and Quitman. Despite a population of nearly 1500 residents, Mayor Danny Groover says the close knit community really knows how to celebrate the holidays.

"We do a lot here. We have different festivals and events throughout the year," Mayor Danny Groover said. "New businesses are opening up. We are just wide open here in Boston."

Donning their winter wear, locals and families from surrounding towns gather to watch their annual parade. However, it's not your typical parade; this one includes golf carts, a military vehicle, a Tennessee walking horse, a live nativity scene, and Santa cruises in on a Porsche rather than a sleigh.

After the parade, kids rush to chat with Santa before Mayor Groover lights the tree in the park.

So what is it about Boston that makes it special? According to resident Ron Collins, who came to Boston in 1941, its the small town atmosphere where "everybody knows your name."

"My favorite memories are of Christmas Eve night. We'd come up here and shoot fireworks off the top of the buildings and the whole town would come up here at midnight. It was the spirit of Christmas," Collins said.

It's the Christmas past and Christmas present that make Boston's celebration more like a family tradition. As the veteran residents reflect on their favorite memories, new bundles of joy are preparing to make memories in the New Year, with many more to come.