Opposition over Florida's recess bill

Posted at 5:08 AM, Feb 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-22 05:08:00-05

A bill requiring elementary schools to set aside 20 minutes each day for recess passed almost unanimously in the Florida House of Representatives. But it appears the senate will not even consider the legislation.

Do you think you get enough recess?

Shakes head no.

So you think you need more recess.

Yes yes yes!

If it was up to kids, schools would likely have recess all day.

"I think we should get a lot of recess because we work really hard in school and we deserve it,: says elementary student,  Cale Cowart.

But one group of Florida parents is asking for just 20 minutes a day in a bill that would set a statewide recess requirements. They say those few minutes in the sun do more than help kids break a sweat. They say it can actually help with academic performance too.

We have some schools that have recess and some schools that do not and we don't see that as fair. It should be across the board.

In fact, studies from places like Stanford University or the Centers for Disease Control have shown that even a small break away from the desk can make all the difference to a child's social and emotional health.

"I think he focuses more afterwards," says mother Christie Bruner.  "He's gotten all that crazy energy out and he'll actually sit still now and calm down for homework and stuff."

So far the bill passed the house almost unanimously but faced opposition in the senate and will no longer be considered.

For Chuck Wolbert's 7-year old grandson Jacob, recess is a crucial part of the day.

"It's important for kids to take that mental break from the classroom. Go outside, burn off some energy, and then come back and then you concentrate a little bit more."

Jacob has ADHD and exerting energy on the playground---helps him focus in the classroom.

The poor kids just sit there all day long going when are we getting a break, when's school out makes them anxious to get our of school instead of wanting to stay there and learn more.

On Friday, Senator Legg said that he will not change his position. He says it's an issue best left up to local school districts