Oklahoma man charged with attempted murder in 2013 incident

Oklahoma man charged in Tallahassee attempted homicide
Oklahoma man charged in Tallahassee attempted homicide
Posted at 12:04 PM, Jan 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-29 19:43:12-05

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) - An Oklahoma man has been extradited to Leon County, accused of trying to kill a woman at a Tallahassee hotel by stomping on her face.

Sean Pace, 42, was arrested over the weekend for attempted first degree murder.

According to court documents, Pace and the victim checked into the Motel 6 on North Monroe Street back in 2013. He and the victim were traveling from Oklahoma to Tallahassee for a job a friend had lined up for him.

After a few alcoholic drinks, the two went to bed. Around 1:30 a.m., the victim said she woke up and couldn't find her car keys, asking Pace where they were.

Pace then became upset, pulling the victim out of bed and shoving her around. The argument quickly escalated when Pace continued to assault victim, leading her to throw a chair out the window in hopes that someone would call the police.

The victim said Pace knocked her down and began "stomping on her face." She said she tried to call out for help, but due to her injuries, she could barely speak.

A witness to the incident says she saw Pace continue to punch the victim. The witness also told investigators she thought Pace was trying to shove the victim over the 2nd floor railing. 

After Pace left, the witness called the front desk to tell them to call the police. 

A warrant was issued for Pace's arrest in 2013, but it wasn't until December 2017 that the state attorney's office got approval to extradite him from the North Fork Correctional Center in Sayre, Oklahoma for trial. 

Over the weekend, Pace was brought to Leon County and formally charged with attempted first degree murder. 

He is now being held in the Leon County Detention Facility on a $50,000 bond. Pace was serving 25 years in Oklahoma for assault with a dangerous weapon.