Officers arrest suspects involved in recent string of local armed robberies

Police offering reward in case where 13 guns were stolen
Police offering reward in case where 13 guns were stolen
Posted at 12:15 PM, Nov 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-16 08:10:02-05

 BAINBRIDGE, Ga. (WTXL) - Bainbridge Public Safety has made three arrests in a recent string of burglaries and armed robberies, including the theft of 13 guns from a local business.

On Thursday, officers arrested 22-year-old James Earl Jenkins and 23-year-old Michael Rashad Jones. Both men are being charged with  possession of firearms by a convicted felon and burglary. On Friday morning, the third suspect, DeMarcus Smith, was arrested and  transported to the Decatur County Jail.

All three suspects broke into Flint River Outfitters on Monday night and stole 13 semi-automatic guns.  They also have been tied to multiple incidents involving firearms since the robbery occurred.

Officers say the men are responsible for an armed break in at Jamestown Apartments on Tuesday, the armed robbery of a pizza delivery person that same night, the armed robbery of a scooter driver on Wednesday, and an armed robbery and armed burglary at Landmark Apartments that same night.

A full description of each of those events is below:

The first occurred on Tuesday, November 13th at Jamestown Apartments.  A resident heard a knock on his door around 9pm.  When he opened the door, he saw three black males wearing black hoodies and dark pants.  One pointed a pistol at him.  The resident slammed the door and prevented the suspects from entering.

That same night around 10pm, an armed robbery occurred at Hutto McIver Apartments involving a pizza delivery person.   The delivery person stated that they had delivered a pizza to one of the apartments and was returning to his vehicle.  He heard a gun cock behind him and footsteps.  He stopped and turned around and a black male pointed a pistol at his chest.  He was ordered to give him his money and his delivery apron, which he did.  The suspect then ordered him to lay on the ground.  When the delivery driver was on the ground, the suspect took off running.

On Wednesday, November 14th around 6:30pm, a man was walking west on Green Street approaching Fleming Street when a black male on a moped scooter approached.  The man got off of the moped and pulled out a gun, pointed it at him, and then grabbed him by the neck.  The suspect then demanded that he give him his money.  The suspect then got back on the moped and traveled west on Green Street.

That same night around 8:00pm, a Hispanic man was on the property of Landmark Apartments when three black males approached with guns.  They demanded money, and then struck the man on the side of his head with one of the guns.   Later that night around 1am, a call was dispatched to Walmart in reference to man entering the store with blood and wounds on his face.  The man stated that he had been asleep in his apartment at Landmark Apartments when someone kicked in his door and entered his apartment.  He told officers that three black males came into his bedroom, and attacked him.  He stated that he was struck multiple times with a gun and used a knife to try to defend himself.  Officers traveled to the apartment and found that there were two additional men who had been asleep in the apartment when the break-in occurred.  One of them was approached in his bedroom, pushed against the wall, and his cellphone was taken.  The third resident stated that he had also been asleep in his bedroom when he was attacked and struck on the head with a gun.  The black males rummaged through the apartment before leaving the premises.

BAINBRIDGE, Ga. (WTXL) - Bainbridge Public Safety is offering a $1,500 reward for information that can lead to the arrest of a suspect(s) involved in stealing 13 guns from a local business.  

On Monday at about 11:41 p.m., Bainbridge Public Safety was called to Flint River Outfitters on North Clay Street in response to an alarm. 

When officers arrived, they saw a small window near the main entrance was broken. Officers also found that a second window near the main door was broken, with pieces of glass on the ground.  

As officers continued their investigation around the perimeter of the building, they found that someone had failed at attempts to break several additional windows. A door at the back of the building also had marks on it indicating that someone had tried but failed to gain access.    

When the owner of the business arrived at the store, they noticed the power to the building had been turned off.  

Officers entered the store and noticed that two large wooden doors leading into the gun room had been pulled apart as well as multiple gun display cases smashed. 

BPS said guns remaining in the cases were all aligned in rows, with numerous empty spots and did not appear that any other items inside the store had been stolen.

BPS determined that 13 guns were missing from the business. 

BPS stated the case remains active and a $1,500 reward is being offered for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) involved in the theft.   

If you have any information, please call BPS at 229-248-2038.